Product Lines

There are two main product lines: Decorative Garden Accessories, and House ware line.  All pieces are handmade, handpainted, and designed to add enjoyment to your everyday life. The Garden Accessories are vegetable stakes, birdcages, flower pots, and mushrooms.  In House ware accessories category are trivets dishes, candle holders, and spoon rests.

Vegetable Stakes


Why not add a little splash to your garden.  They are hand cut, hand stamped, and hand glazed along with bold letters.  They are easy to read, don't fade, and easy to store away.  Best in Show, "WEED", and "WATER ME!". 

Invasion of the Mushrooms


Who doesn't like mushrooms?  Maybe a few people, but majority of us love them.  These whimsical mushrooms are your plants buddies.  These little creations help brighten up your plants and add a splash of color.  Mushroom sizes range from 1" to 6" tall, all hand sculptured and hand painted with colorful patterns and designs.  Each mushroom is also painted with a door so anyone is invited to come visit.  No two are alike.  

Cat Dish


A hand painted Cat Dish for your everyday use.  It can function as a spoon rest, soap dish, jewelry or candle holder, or even to hold your teabag... so it has multiple uses.  Many small dishes I design are one-of-a-kind so they are quite special.  

Wall Planters 


Yes, wall planters!  One of my best sellers!  Just place some succulents and watch it change your whole environment.  Perfect for your home especially in the kitchen and even the bathroom.  Always a conversational piece!

Tripod Planters


New to my collection, the 3-legged planters.  Designed with a variety of different textures.  Simply add a plant and its all set to view and enjoy.  

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