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2022 Show Line-Up

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Decorative Garden and Houseware Accessories


Seto Arts creates unique, one-of-a-kind ceramics garden and house ware accessories.  My designs are inspired from my travels, fashion treads, garden designs, and cultural foods and symbolism.  My works are both functional and decorative.  With all the recent events, everyone needs to smile or add a little laughter in their daily lives.


I began to explore ceramics by taking classes, workshops, and made it part of my everyone life.  And that's how Seto Arts was born!  


To this day, I have sold my products at pop-ups and charity events.



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“The colorful mushrooms are wonderful!  They are so vibrant, and playful.  They stand out in my garden and adds contrast against my green lawn.  Perfect for my grandson to count them and to keep an eye on them."
- Sue C.
“The vegetables stakes are fantastic.  I have never seen anything like it.  The bright colors with the dark lettering makes it so much easier to read.  Now I can locate my plants quicker.  Saves me so much time so I can concentrate on my garden projects ”
- Margaret S.